November 14, 2023

Wine and Wanderlust

Raise your glass and your wanderlust with us on this episode of the TLC (Tend Life Community) podcast! We’re uncorking the world of luxurious travel with Eos Travel Co, the crème de la crème of concierge travel services in Woodinville WA. Join our conversation with Kelly Gentry, the maestro behind Eos Travel Co, as she unveils the art of crafting bespoke journeys, from the vibrant streets of Thailand to the romantic charm of Paris, and the hidden gems of Woodinville, New York, and Washington wineries. As a seasoned curator of global adventures, she’ll ignite your passion for immersive travel. So, if you’re a globetrotter with a taste for the extraordinary, sip alongside us as we blend the expertise of Eos Travel Co, and the bouquet of destinations worldwide into one delightful and delicious adventure!