March 12, 2024

Wine, Loans and Community Tone

Get ready to uncork insights and illuminate your home buying journey on this episode of TLC’s Tend Life Community podcast! Join us as we sip, sample, and delve into the world of mortgages with Eliu Lopez, founder of Home Right Lending.

In this community-driven blend of conversation, we’ll explore how Home Right Lending isn’t just about numbers and rates—it’s about lighting up pathways to homeownership, with an emphasis on helping the Latino populace, while savoring the essence of our local community. With a dash of wine wisdom as we sample a delightful Goose Ridge GSM, and a generous pour of mortgage know-how, Mr. Lopez guides us through his strategies and community-centered initiatives. And shares invaluable insights and stories that underscore his belief in guiding families toward their dream homes. Along the way, we uncover some hidden gems in our local area, including the Twisted Cuban Cafe, adding a flavorful twist to our conversation. Join us as we sip, sample, and uncover the keys to homeownership success!”