April 12, 2023

Waste Not, Wine More

Welcome back to TLC, where Tend Home Team is always ready to explore ways to tend to life and build community. In this episode we were thrilled to welcome guest Jenna Burchell, Community Relations Specialist from DTG Recycle to the show.  We had a blast talking with her about all the amazing things that DTG does. From diverting waste from the landfills, to creating new products from recycled material. DTG is doing some truly innovative work. Jenna’s infectious energy and enthusiasm made for a fun conversation.

Wine tasting was a must, as we sampled some Goose Ridge wine, a delicious 2017 Sharp Tailed Grouse Reserve red blend, if you’re a wine lover you won’t want to miss this segment. And of course, we can’t forget our “Real Estate Round-Up” segment, where we covered what you should know if you are getting ready to list your home this spring.

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