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TEND REAL ESTATE | We are a bunch of fanatics that happen to be really good in the Seattle area real estate business. Sure we could exploit systems, alter perceptions, and make more money for the sake of having more, but that’s boring – everyone does that. We’ve come to realize that work should be about increasing our standard of giving, not our standard of living. What keeps us going is our daily fear of dropping dead while doing something useless. We continually aim to be better agents, better neighbors, better partners, better parents, and better people with the singular goal of making folks like you better off than you were before you met us. Please discover our 5 point difference.

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Troy Anderson
Listings and Team Leader

Meet Troy, Managing Broker and owner:

  • Married with 2 children
  • Turned grey prematurely
  • Fetish for all things Apple
  • Urban chicken farmer
  • Wine maker, WSU trained
  • 18+ years of Real experience

“Why I do what I do here is to purposely uncover creativity so that together we can add 360 degree value to others.”

Office 206-504-3660 Cell 206-940-2834
Chris Shipley
Lead Buyer Specialist

Meet Chris, Broker and Lead Buyer Specialist:

  • Real Life Iron Chef, Attended Culinary School at Art Institute of Seattle
  • Born and raised in Wyoming, lived in NW for 13 years
  • Hobby as Music Producer/DJ
  • Married with 2 dogs

“Why I do what I do is to share knowledge and experience that is impactful so that the joys of life can be accomplished.”

Office 206-504-3660 Cell 206-724-6320

Tend Home Team Partners

Lenders:  Fairway                                Caliber Home Loans

Brandon Roy                                                         Cody Touchette MLO–83216

BrandonR@fairwaymc.com                        Cody.Touchette@caliberhomeloans.com

www.fairwaynw.com                                   www.thetouchetteteam.com

Mobile # 206 229 3944                               Office: 425 949 0620

Insurance: Summit Insurance Group LLC

Bernie Martin LUTCF (Managing Partner)    Betty Lee (Managing Partner)

bmartin@sig-wa.com                                     blee@sig-wa.com

www.summitigwa.com                                  www.summitigwa.com

Office: 425 984 2255 xt 102                           Office: 425 984 2255 xt 101

Anushree Baxi (Agent)



Office: 425 984 2255 xt 106

Escrow: Curtis, Casteel & Palmer, PLLC

Stacy Bradshaw (Lynnwood & Cle Elum Closing Dept)



Office: 425 409 2745

Fax: 425 491 7178

Sarah Leap (Junior Closer)



Phone # 425 409 2745

Fax: 425 491 7178

Title: Chicago Title (King County Team)

Ashley Duran (VP | Assistant Sales Manager)



Mobile: 206 639 9992

Title: First American Title & Escrow (Snohomish County Team)

Kristine Jameson                                                Michelle Field

www.firstamsno.com                                 www.firstamsno.com

kjameson@firstam.com                              mlfield@firstam.com

Phone # 425 330 8566                               Phone # 425 698 3164


Joshua Curtis


Phone: 425 409 2745

Photography: TrueOne Group

Lawrence Monis



Phone: 206 330 7023

Staging & Interior Design: DeBoo Home Staging and Design, LLC

Viola Deboo and Jean Clinch


Phone # 425 298 5749

Fax: 425 491 7178