January 23, 2024

Vintage Thaw

Get ready to uncork the magic with our latest TLC, Tend Life Community episode featuring the creative force behind DeFrost Social Margaret Spencer! Join us as we pop the cork on a bottle of Efeste Sauvignon Blanc, savoring the essence of Washington’s finest while Margaret spills the beans on her event-planning that aims to connect the community with social events, helping individuals socialize and have fun, while helping to thaw the Seattle freeze. From the heart of Woodinville, we dive into the cool vibes of DeFrost Social, discovering how Margaret transforms frosty gatherings into unforgettable experiences. As we sip and share stories, Margaret also reveals her favorite spots in and around Woodinville, adding an extra dash of local flavor to this spirited conversation. Whether you’re a wine, community or real estate enthusiast, this episode is a delightful blend of laughter, community vibes, and, of course, a generous pour of Woodinville and Washington’s best-kept secrets!