August 17, 2023

Vineyard Illuminations

Tune in to this illuminating episode of TLC, Tend Life Community Podcast as we shed light on a bright star in our community! Get ready to be dazzled by our guest, owner of Northwest Outdoor Lighting Mary Peterson, as she takes us on a journey through her world of lighting design and entrepreneurship, all while enjoying a delectable glass of Goose Ridge’s latest Sauvignon Blanc release.

Sparking conversation and igniting creativity, Northwest Outdoor Lighting has been a beacon of brilliance, illuminating not just spaces, but also lives of our community members. Join us as we unveil the secrets behind their shining success and exploring the magic they bring to outdoor spaces. From the captivating tale of their beginnings to the way they radiate innovation in their designs and community connections.  This episode will be a true “light bulb” moment.  Don’t be left in the dark, hit the play button and get ready to be enlightened.