May 31, 2023

Spicing This Up

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds on this flavorful episode of TLC, Tend Life Community Podcast! where they dive into the heart and soul of Woodinville’s vibrant community, its wineries, restaurants, and business. Join host Troy Anderson and co-host Pamela as they invite Dave Holthus, owner and creator of Woodinville Sauce Company to the show.

Before the conversation heats up, they crack open a bottle of Mathews Winery Sauvignon Blanc and sip and savor while chatting with Dave. It’s the perfect pairing for a podcast about enhancing a dining experience.

Tune in as Troy and Pamela dive into the story behind Woodinville Sauce Company, uncovering Dave’s journey from culinary dreams to a locally owned and operated sauce guru in Washington State. Discover how Dave’s sauces can transform your dishes from ordinary to extraordinary, providing the perfect accompaniment to you family favorites or a burst of flavor for your culinary creations. His delicious sauces, mouthwatering Asian Q, the sizzling Dos Haches and the delectable Blackberry Grill Sauce, are taking the world by storm with rave reviews and a recent feature in the esteemed 425 Business Magazine, Dave’s sauces are making taste buds tango with joy!

As always, they have the real estate round-up segment where they dig into closing costs and what they are, Tend Home team is  here for all your real estate questions.

So, join us for a saucy and entertaining episode that will leave you craving Woodinville Sauce Company’s tantalizing creations. Dave has poured his heart into these sauces, and he can’t wait for you to fall in love with them, just like his family, neighbors and friends have. Get ready to spice things up on TLC, Tend Life Community Podcast!