October 16, 2023

Slice and Sip

Join us on the Tend Life Community podcast as we slice into the heart of Woodinville with an episode that’s all about ‘Slices & Sips.’ We’re dishing out the delectable story of The Pizza Coop, Woodinville’s beloved local eatery that’s truly a cornerstone of the community. Explore how this wonderful pizza restaurant has baked itself into the hearts of Woodinville residents, connecting through mouthwatering cuisine. Discover how owners Christie & Bryan Streit foster connection with the community, not only through delicious dishes but also through their philanthropic endeavors with the Kenize & Dot Foundation. Get ready for a delightful and heartwarming conversation as we explore their approach to life in this vibrant community, leaving a lasting impact that’s more than just pizza and wine. Don’t miss out on this mouthwatering blend of flavors and stories – it’s a slice of Woodinville like no other!