June 25, 2024

Sauce and Glory

In this sizzling episode of “TLC, Tend Life Community,” we’re spicing things up with a return visit from Dave Holthus, the saucier mastermind behind Woodinville Sauce Co. Fresh off a Scovie Award win, Dave dives into the secrets behind his award-winning sauce and what sets it apart from the rest.

Tune in as we get a sneak peek at some tantalizing new creations Dave has been cooking up, explore the latest trends in the hot sauce world, and find out where you can now snag a bottle of Woodinville’s finest. We’ll also chat about the vibrant local farmers market scene, where Dave collaborates with local chefs to create amazing, in-the-moment dishes sourced strictly from the market’s freshest ingredients. Dave also shares news on culinary classes at PCC, where he inspires food enthusiasts to get creative in the kitchen using his signature sauces.

And don’t miss our “Sipping on Success” segment, where we savor the 2021 Matthews Winery Claret—a perfect pairing for Dave’s delicious sauces! Of course there is a small splash of real estate tips at the end.

Join us for a fun, flavorful journey into the heart of Woodinville’s community and beyond. Whether you’re a hot sauce enthusiast, a foodie, or just love discovering local treasures, this episode is packed with all the zest you need.