May 9, 2023

Guardian of The City

Welcome to TLC, Tend Life Community podcast, where we uncork a bottle of wine and chat with great guests who are shaking up the status quo and making positive impacts on our community. And where your host Troy Anderson and co-host Pamela dive into the heart of the community to bring you a new perspective of whats happening.

In this episode we had the pleasure on sipping on some Gun Metal red wine from Guardian Winery while chatting with none other than the Mayor of Woodinville Mike Millman, aka the “Guardian Of The City” It was the prefect pairing for our conversation, which was full of flavor and complexity just like the wine.

We delved into how the mayor got his start in politics and what makes him tick. And of course, we discussed some of the many exciting projects and initiatives that are happening in Woodinville and how they are impacting the community. Of course, we couldn’t leave it there, we also got into our real estate round up where is shared insights on the hot button topic of housing bill 1110, what it is and whether it will impact Woodinville.

So, sit back, relax, and pour yourself a glass of wine, as we take you on a ride of laughter, knowledge, and admiration.  Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you never miss an episode of TLC podcast – the show that uncovers the hidden gems in our community.