June 7, 2023

Grape Exposure

Welcome back to another fun and tantalizing episode of TLC, Tend Life Community Podcast, as we take a deep dive into the beating heart of our beloved community.  The hosts grabbed a glass of Armstrong wineries’ exquisite Four Birds red to share, so sit back relax as we uncork the secrets behind the scenes!

This week not only, do we treat our taste buds to the rich flavors of the wine, but we also expose some knowledge and perspective on real estate photography with the one and only Lawrence Monis, the mastermind behind TrueOne Group. Get ready for a look behind the lens that will have you seeing properties in a whole new light. Lawrence shares his journey with us, as we uncover how he developed his passion for architectural and real estate photography, as well as his insights and the importance of exceptional visuals when is comes to selling a home. Revealing the power of storytelling through architectural photography, where each frame breathes life into the walls, conveying the spirits and potential of a priority.

And as if that wasn’t enough, TLC Tend Life Community goes beyond the lens and delves into the vibrant tapestry of our community, as Lawrence shares some of his favorite delights that make our community so rich and inviting. As well as a quick check-in with our real estate round-up. In this game of life, we’re all winners when we tend to our community with joy and passion and a good bottle of wine in hand. Cheers to that and a fun episode of TLC, Tend Life Community podcast.