April 26, 2023

Grape Expectations

TLC, Tend Life Community is back with another episode! This week we welcomed guest, Adam Acampora, the executive director of Woodinville Wine County to the show. The fun kicked off with a blind tasting of “vintage” bottles of red wine, was it wine or vinegar? Find out during the “Sipping on Success” segment. With the fun underway, we delve into a fascinating conversation about Woodinville Wine County, discussing how it showcases the wine industry in the area, along with many of the businesses in and around Woodinville, how they promote tourism in the area, and how all of this benefits the community.  Adam also shares some fun facts about himself and what he loves about the region.

In the “Real Estate Roundup” segment Tend Homes Team talks about the advantages of hosting open houses and touches on the need for more affordable housing.  Join the conversation and tune in to the TLC, Tend Life Community Podcast, where you’ll always find great insights, interesting guests, a lot of fun and usually some wine!