December 27, 2023

Foundation Chronicles

In this episode of TLC’s Tend Life Community podcast, we’re popping the cork on educational support, blending a sip of exquisite wine with a generous pour of community insight! Join us as we uncork the secrets of the Northshore’s Schools Foundation—a powerhouse nurturing the roots of education and growth. With Cara Anderson-Ahrens, the Foundation’s Executive Director, we journey through their history, swirling through future plans that ferment change in the community. We’ll explore how this foundation uncorks opportunity, enhances, and inspires learning potential, removes barriers, and helps build skills for life, while enriching minds and futures alike. While we savor a delightful Patterson Cellars wine, we sip on the stories of initiatives, and partnerships that helps create a brighter tomorrow for Northshore. Get ready to raise your glasses to a taste of excellence and community spirit!