February 22, 2024

Floor-ishing In Flavor

Ready to discover the secrets beneath our feet? Join us on this episode of TLC: Tend Life Community podcast as we dive into the heart of our community, it’s wineries, restaurants and businesses with this week’s guest, Bryce Ferguson, co-owner of Ferguson Floors in Woodinville.

In this cork-popping conversation, we’re not just sampling the finest of local Washington wines, but also discussing how to make the right flooring choices for your home, what’s available and new to the market, along with the latest trends in home flooring! From classic hardwood to innovative designs, we’re uncorking it all. Plus, we’ll uncover hidden gems and practical tips for transforming your space.

So, grab your favorite glass, kick off your shoes, and join us for an episode that’s as smooth as a Merlot and as stylish as a parquet floor. It’s time to toast to community, creativity, and the floor beneath our feet.