July 20, 2023

Coverage and Corks

“Get ready for a delightful and enlightening episode of TLC, the Tend Life Community podcast, as we uncork the world of insurance with our local Insurance broker extraordinaire Bernie Martin with Summit Insurance! Join us as we dive into the heart of our community, exploring the ins and outs of different insurance while sipping on a tantalizing 2015 Syrah from this weeks featured winery Ambassador Winery.

In this lively and engaging conversation, our expert guest shares his wealth of knowledge, shedding light on the recent buzz about rising insurance prices. Discover why it’s more important than ever to have comprehensive coverage and actively shop around. From the must-have policies to the limitations and exclusions you may not be aware of, we’ll explore it all.

But that’s not all! As we unravel the mysteries of insurance, we’ll also indulge in a playful segment where our host and guest open a bottle of wine, sharing their thoughts and reflections on its flavors and aromas. It’s an episode that blends the seriousness of insurance topics with the light-hearted enjoyment of wine appreciation, all while keeping our community at its heart. Tune in, sip along, and get ready to protect what matters most!”