April 5, 2023

Chamber of Success Secrets

Welcome to another great episode of TLC, where Tend Home Team explores ways to tend to life and build community. On this episode “Chamber of Success Secrets” our hosts Troy and Pamela indulge in a glass of 2015 Bisou red wine from Ashton Troy Wines, and they welcome their first guest to the show. Kimberly Ellertson the Executive Director of the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce. Tune in as they sip to the success of local businesses and connect with the community as you learn more about the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce, how it benefits and advocates for the local businesses of Woodinville, as well as the events they produce for the community, and so much more.

There’s more! In the real estate round-up segment of the show Troy and Pamela discuss “A country of two housing markets” after a news article mentioned that home prices on the west coast were falling, as homes on the east coast were rising in value. Fact or fiction? Grab a glass of wine or your favorite beverage and join us as Tend Home Team explores ways to tend to life and build a stronger community. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!