May 7, 2024

Buzzing With Flavor

On this episode of TLC, Tend Life Community podcast as we uncork a bottle of delicious Washington wine from Darby Winery, and dive into the buzzing world of bee facts and conservation with none other than Dave Hunter, the founder of Crown Bees.

In this special episode we’re not just talking about any bees; we’re uncovering the secrets of the solitary cavity-nesting bees (mason bees), the unsung heroes of pollination. Dave shares fascinating insights into the bee’s species, how these bees can transform your garden and landscape, brining balance to nature where more pollinated plants produce more food with sustainably managed solitary bees and wild native bees.

Forget what you thought you knew about bees they are not all the same. So, grab a glass, settle in, and join us for an episode that is definitely “buzz” worthy.