January 9, 2024

Bottled Blessings

In this episode of TLC: Tend Life Community, we uncork the community spirit with Rev Kristin Joyner, Pastor of Community Engagement at Bothell United Methodist Church. Sip along as we explore the church’s purpose and initiatives, blending the richness of Bothell’s charm with the joyous notes of impactful community service. From innovative outreach methods that are as refreshing as a well-aged Cabernet to heartwarming stories that prove community engagement is the finest vintage, this episode is a true blend of wisdom and a little wine. Rev Joyner also shares her favorite places around the area for a look at some hidden gems and we dig into our question of the week in the real-estate round up.  So, grab your glass, uncork the community stories, and let’s toast to blessings in Bothell and the surrounding area!