May 24, 2023

Anchored With Wine

Welcome to another delightful episode of the TLC, Tend Life Community Podcast, where they dive into the heart and soul of Woodinville’s vibrant community. Join your host, Troy Anderson, and every-insightful co-host, Pamela of Tend Home Team, as they bring you an episode filled with laughter, wine, and captivating conversation.  This week’s episode, aptly titled “Anchored With Wine”, welcomed special guest to the show, the local celebrity journalist and news anchor for King 5, Jake Whittenberg.

Pour yourself a glass of your favorite vintage, the team suggested maybe a 2018, because it’s all about indulging in the flavors of life.  As tradition dictates, Troy uncorks a bottle, and this episode features a smooth luscious Cabernet Franc from Long Cellars, Cab Franc being a personal favorite of Jake Whittenberg himself.  Sip by sip, they engage in captivating conversation, exploring what keeps jack anchored in the picturesque community of Woodinville and how it shapes his role in journalism.

Discover the hidden gems and secrets that make Woodinville a cherished haven for jake. From stunning wineries to lush green landscapes, they explore the essence of this captivating city. Jake shares his love for the community and reveals his favorite spots to unwind and reconnect, he even spills the wine of “fancy lunch Fridays”

Rounding out the show, is the real estate round-up segment, Troy and Pamela take a deeper dive into the seller’s side of a low inventory housing market, uncovering the unique qualities and challenges it presents.  With their signature wisdom, they provide insights that will leave you both informed and entertained.  A must listen for anyone looking to navigate the ever-changing real estate landscape.