June 12, 2024

Aged To Perfection

Join us for a heartwarming episode of TLC, Tend Life Community as we uncork the essence of Fairwinds Brittany Park with special guests Sue Donovan and Barbara Koshar. Nestled in the heart of Woodinville, this senior community is a vibrant hub of connection and well-being.

As we sip on a delightful bottle of Barnard Griffin 2023 Rosé Sangiovese, we’ll explore how Fairwinds Brittany Park fosters a sense of belonging that enhances the health and happiness of its residents. From engaging activities to supportive transitions, discover how this community goes beyond traditional senior living.

Tune in for heartfelt stories, community spirit, and wine-tasting fun. Plus, don’t miss Troy’s real estate question of the week! Whether you’re interested in senior living or just love a good story, this episode is a must-listen!