November 30, 2023

A Taste Of Friendship

Step into the vibrant world of Three of Cups winery on this episode of TLC: Tend Life Community podcast! Join us for a cork-popping journey with the charming Mike Metheny, the winemaker behind this Woodinville wonder. Explore the velvety depths of their deliciously elusive wines while unraveling the grape-to-glass story that encapsulates conviviality, abundance, joy, and friendship. Three of Cups unveils its secrets, offering a taste of the artistry behind limited batches of premium Washington State wines, from their delectable Le Cavalier 2021 Mourvedra and The 3rd Cup 2020 Cabernet Frank, there is so much to enjoy. Get ready to swirl, sip, and savor as we uncork the essence of community, blending the heart of Woodinville’s wine industry with the spirited embrace of Three of Cups’ divine concoctions.