July 2, 2024

A Flight Above

Join us for an exhilarating episode of TLC, Tend Life Community Podcast, as we take to the skies with David Gudgel, President of Kenmore Air. In “A Flight Above,” we dive deep into the rich history and thrilling adventures of this iconic seaplane airline. From uncovering hidden gems in the Pacific Northwest to exploring the unique experiences offered by Kenmore Air, this episode is packed with stories that soar!

David shares anecdotes and key milestones that have shaped Kenmore Air since 1946, revealing how the company has grown while maintaining its unique charm. We chat about the diverse destinations they fly to, the exciting services beyond just flights, and how Kenmore Air stays ahead in a competitive market. Discover how Kenmore Air supports the local community, engages with businesses, and ensures an unforgettable customer experience. Plus, don’t miss our “Sipping on Success” segment, where we sample the delicious 2021 Red Mountain Optu for Fidelitas, adding another touch of local flavor to our high-flying conversation.

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, a local looking for new adventures, or just love a good story, this episode is your ticket to a captivating journey above and beyond. Tune in and let’s take flight together!