August 10, 2016

What is Short-Term Corporate Housing?

When one is traveling to a new city and staying for an extended period of time, they will soon discover the enormous cost of staying in a hotel. Fortunately, there are accommodation options available that provide all of the luxuries of a hotel without its excessive costs. Whether your stay is business or personal, short-term housing may be the solution to reducing costs. One type of rental accommodation that is growing in popularity is Short-Term Corporate Housing.

Short-Term Corporate Housing refers to furnished apartments, condominiums, and privately owned homes that are available to anyone who requires housing for an extended period of time. Although top corporations and businesses make use of short-term corporate housing, you do not have to be in the business industry to take advantage of this form of housing. Guests can include business travelers, vacationers, people relocating to a new city, and more. Corporate housing providers generally offer such features as fully furnished units, a fully functional kitchen with modern appliances that also includes pots and pans, linens, and all of the utilities.

A key feature that makes short-term housing so popular is that they are often highly customizable. For instance, depending on what type of accommodation you choose, short-term corporate housing can contain the following amenities: washer and dryer, laundry service, valet service, fitness center, garage parking, choice of furnishings, racquetball courts, private mailbox, free local telephone, high-speed internet access, housekeeping services, grocery shopping service, tennis courts, swimming pool, and urban and suburban locations. As well, there are corporate accommodations suited for family and pets. This can include providing the necessary items for babies.

Depending on your needs, the layout of short-term corporate housing accommodations is both big and roomy. As well, they can include multiple bedrooms, more than one bathroom, and a separate dining and living room. Comfort, convenience, and luxury are key features of short-term corporate housing. There is also ample room to entertain guests and business associates. Business guests can even set up their own mini at-home office.

Corporate apartments are much larger than regular and extended stay hotel rooms, and provide a home-like atmosphere. The set minimum stay at a short term corporate housing accommodation will vary by property owner, but stays can be as little as a week or thirty days or more.

Staying in a traditional hotel for more than a few days can end up being a very expensive endeavor. Whether you are traveling to an area for business or a personal purpose, if you are going to be staying for a period of time that could result in a high hotel expense, you may want to consider short-term corporate housing After a hectic and tiring day at work or other activity, guests can return to housing that is comfortable, cozy, and much like a home away from home environment, instead of a tiny and reserved hotel room. If you are planning on an extended stay trip, short-term corporate housing may be the solution. The convenience, reasonable rates, and luxurious accommodations that are associated with corporate housing will make your time away from home much more comfortable.

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