August 31, 2016

What Is A Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency Program?

There are countless families in the USA who have to compromise with their self-respect and self esteem because of insufficient income. The sense of dependence on the welfare organizations can also stifle the freedom of many families.

Hence, the US government has come up with the public housing family self-sufficiency program to overcome these evils with the help of many schemes and innovative measures.

Program overview:

The public housing family self-sufficiency program or FSS is funded by the U.S department of Housing and Urban Development. This program is extremely efficient as it takes assistance of both public and private resources under the public housing for the welfare of the participating families. This is a practical program that has many noble objectives in view. Some of the many objectives or this program include the following:
Helping the participating families to earn extra income.
Reduce the dependency of the families on welfare assistance. The ultimate aim is to eliminate this dependency making the families independent and consequently more confident.
To formulate programs that can enable the families to be economically independent and have a housing self-sufficiency.

The public housing family self-sufficiency program is launched nationwide and is meant specially for the people belong to low income groups. The program offers a maximum of $ 68,000 for a full time coordinator position.

The public housing agencies also work with different welfare agencies, local partners and schools to have a comprehensive program for the participating families. This program enables the members to develop essential skills that can guarantee higher wages. Hence, this positive work enables the families to get back their self-esteem and retain their confidence besides the materialistic gains.

Eligibility and requirements:

To get the full benefits of the Public Housing family self-sufficiency program, you have to understand the requirements and conditions that are associated with the eligibility criteria.

To begin with, the agencies involved in the enrollment of the families to this program may screen the candidates on the basis of their needs, education, job history, marital status, number of children and so on.

The families also need to get a voucher from the HUDA’s housing choice voucher. Sometimes, the families who live in public housing can also participate in this program. Hence, it is always advisable to get more details about this procedure from the local public housing agencies for more details. One can also understand the policy of the U.S Housing and Urban department in order to get well versed with the procedure.

The role of the head:
The role of the head of the family is very important in this program. Though all the family members are equally responsible to seek and maintain suitable employment, it is mandatory for the head of the family to maintain employment during the term or contract. The head is determined under the rules and discretion of Public family Self-sufficency program.

Overall, the mission of this venture is not only noble but also practical. The participating families have to work together and whole-heartedly in order to avail of all the benefits. Thus, the ultimate aim of promoting economic independence can be satisfied quite fruitfully by the Public Housing Family Self sufficiency program.

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