December 13, 2012

What is a Flor Rug?

Team Troy has recently discovered the company Flor, which manufactures custom area rugs using a system of carpet squares. We wanted to share this resource with those of you who may be recent homeowners and looking to decorate your new home, or for those who may have an awkward space in your house where standard rugs have never quite worked. These rugs are intended for every space in your home from the dining room to the garage, so they appeal to a broad range of homes and tastes.

Flor allows its customers to choose an array of color combinations and tile dimensions that range from contemporary to traditional. If you have kids who are prone to spills, one square can be removed instead of having to replace an entire rug. We were also impressed to find out that Flor uses a variety of reused and recycled material wherever possible. They have already designed rugs for purchase or handy online design tools that will allow you to build your own.

The best thing about Flor rugs is that they won’t break the bank. Each square is priced between $10.00 and $20.00 and an average rug size has around 20 squares. This means you can get a sizable area rug for as low as $200.00, which beats department store prices by a landslide.  Team Troy’s own Justin Mitchell recently placed a Flor rug in his new home, and he was able to choose colors that coordinated with the rest of his home decor.