January 29, 2013

The Pyramid at the Top of the Tower – Seattle’s Most Unique Living Space

Almost everyone who lives in Seattle is familiar with the white terracotta Smith Tower in Pioneer Square. The 1914 Beaux Arts tower’s claim to fame was that it was the tallest building west of the Mississippi at the time, and the fourth tallest building in the world.  This offers a small glimpse into historic Seattle at a time when the skyline would be almost unrecognizable to the present-day Seattleite.

The building’s trademark glass pyramid top and crystal ball-like globe have been an object of fascination for years, and we are now getting a behind-the-scenes look at this iconic space. While the building’s primary purpose was to provide office space, there was also a single caretaker’s apartment occupying the tip-top pyramid on the 35th floor. This loft has been shrouded in mystery, and was almost impossible to get as it silently passed from friend to friend and eventually ended up vacant.

When the current owner, Petra Franklin, visited the Smith Tower in 1997, there was a huge water tower that was being taken out, piles of concrete, and no way to get from floor to floor. However, she had the vision to create one of the most unique penthouses in the entire city.

She utilized marble from renovated offices in the floor below for her kitchen counter and  bathroom. The basement of the Smith Tower also proved fruitful, including the discovery of a set of carved Chinese chairs and black wood scrim panels.  The living space climbs two stories with bedrooms upstairs and a kitchen and living space downstairs. The views from the top are unparalleled – from the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains on the west to Mount Rainier to the south, and of course, the city skyline from every vantage.

This just goes to show that spaces are not always how they appear at first, and it is important to have an eye for potential. If you are newly-inspired to get into the home renovation game, contact Team Troy today to get information on spaces YOU can improve: 206-588-8409

Watch this video to see the final result: