June 25, 2013

Team Troy Complimentary Services Explained

One of the many benefits of the team concept is that we are able to offer an array of complimentary services that individual agents are not able to offer. Many of our clients have been impressed by the customer service attitude of Team Troy, and how far we go above and beyond for both our buyers and our sellers. In today’s post, we will go through the services and describe them in more detail.

For Sellers:

Free Home Staging: Staging a home is a critical step in listing a home for sale.  We will have a professional stager come into your home and either stage your home using your own furniture or bring in new furniture to make sure your home is presented in the best light possible. As real estate experts, we know what potential buyers are looking for, and can anticipate their comments ahead of time. By staging your home, we can be one step ahead and get top dollar for you.

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Free Initial House Cleaning: Nothing will leave a worse impression on a potential buyer than a dirty house. We’ve found that by providing an initial house cleaning service alongside home staging, we can have the home looking its best.

Free Landscaping Maintenance: We have found that buyers will size up a home from the moment they pull up to the curb. The outside of the home is both their first and last impression.  We not only do an initial evaluation of the landscaping, but we make sure that the landscaping is well maintained while your home is on the market.

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Free HDR Photography: HDR stands for High Dynamic Range Photography. This method essentially captures the absolute best exposure for any given photograph. We’ve found that the highest quality marketing photos of a property are of utmost importance in attracting interested buyers.

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No Fuss Listing: We do not charge our sellers advanced fees of any kind; you only pay if we procure an offer that is acceptable to you. You can cancel the listing at anytime by a simple phone call and we will remove the signpost and withdraw the listing from the MLS. We will never allow our sellers to be pressured by a buyer’s agent. All offers will come through our office and are presented to you by us. You will then be able to make your decision privately.

Flexible Commissions: Most brokers will charge you the same fee no matter how your home sells.  We have a range of commissions depending on what you want us to do for you.  It will be 6% if another agent represents the buyer – then we get 3% and their agent gets 3%. If we find the buyer and write the contract, then the commission is only 5%. If you find the buyer and there is no other agent involved, the commission is only 1.5%. We write the contract and walk it through escrow for you. If you don’t want our assistance and you find a buyer, our commission is 0%.

For Buyers:

Free Re-Key Service: When a buyer moves into a new home, you never know how many extra keys may be floating around that belonged to the previous buyers. Just for the safety and security of our clients, it is the best practice to get the locks replaced and re-key the home. We provide this as a service to all our buyers.

Free One-Year Home Warranty: A home warranty basically protects your recently acquired investment. The warranty covers the repair or replacement costs of home appliances, major systems and possibly other components of a home.  Several of our buyers have used this service when something needs replaced in their new homes, and it has been extremely valuable to them.

For Buyers and Sellers:

Free Use of Our Moving Truck: We recently acquired a sixteen-foot Team Troy moving truck for our clients to use. This has proven to be a highly sought after service for our sellers, who not only use the truck to move extra furniture out of their house for staging purposes, but also use the truck after their house is sold to move into a new home.  Buyers are finding this service extremely valuable as well, many are moving from rentals into first-time homes, and require the use of the truck. This is a big savings for our clients.

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Concierge Service: We have a dedicated concierge position that is available to answer any questions you may have along the process. As a part of this service, you’ll receive complimentary gifts from our concierge during transaction milestones along the way.

For more information about selling your Seattle home, call us today at 206-588-8409, or visit http://www.bellevueseattlehomes.com/sell/