April 20, 2013

Seattle is America’s Leading High-Tech Hotspot

We all know that Seattle is pretty awesome, but did you know that our city is the number one hot spot for tech job growth? According to Forbes, the Seattle metro area has expanded technological jobs by 12% over the past two years. That beats even the most renowned centers in the nation, including Silicon Valley! Even more, the Puget Sound Area is consistently growing in times of economic expansion and recession. From 2001 to 2011, employment in technological industries have expanded by 43%. This success is not about to stop either – our job growth is expected to expand 2.6% annually for the next five years. Now that’s something to be proud of!

What accounts for this steady economic growth? Booming businesses and relatively lower production costs than other high tech areas. Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon are among the top employers in Washington State, providing hundreds of thousands of jobs for the region. Whether you are a new graduate, a young entrepreneur, or growing professional, the Seattle metro area is the place to be.

High Tech Market

Let’s check out some statistics:

  • Percent with Graduate Degree: 16.8
  • Median Household Income: $90,303
  • Percent Unemployed: 7.2%
  • Colleges: 8
  • Restaurants: 2,307
  • Pro Sports Teams: 4
  • Park acres per 1,000 Residents: 9

Mass availability of jobs, highly educated people, and a thriving housing market will continue to place the Seattle metro area as one of America’s best places to live and work.


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