June 18, 2013

Seattle Craftsman Homes

If you live in Seattle, you have most definitely come across many Craftsman homes, even if you are not aware of it. Craftsman refers to an early 20th century style of architecture that contains several distinct features on both the interior and exterior.

A typical Craftsman style home has deep overhanging eaves, knee braces, large banked windows, large front porches, geometric stained glass and wood or shingle siding. On the interior, you might find built-in shelves and/or window seats, large fireplaces with glazed brick, heavy wood trim, and five panel doors. The traditional colors of a Craftsman home are very natural and include moss green, brown, mustard yellow, brunt orange, and gray.

The style evolved from the British Arts and Crafts Movement in the late 19th century, and eventually was adopted by American architects. The style was associated with ideas of family life in the home – picture a family huddled around a central hearth. There was also the concept that buildings should blend in seamlessly with the natural environment, which related to the horizontality of the style, use of wood and natural materials, and the muted color palette.

These homes were common in Seattle because they were built of all timber, which was an abundant resource in the northwest. Craftsman bungalows, especially, had only a few floor plans and could be built quickly as Seattle began expanding outside it’s downtown core in the early 20th century.

Today, Seattle Craftsman style homes are highly sought after in the city. Many Seattle neighborhoods are primarily comprised of Craftsman homes. Wallingford, Green Lake, Phinney Ridge, Ballard, West Seattle, Montlake, Ravenna, Capitol HillFremont, and many others are filled with Craftsman style homes.

Currently, Team Troy has an amazing Craftsman home for sale in West Seattle. Even though the property has been fully renovated, it still retains many historic Craftsman details, like the archways, hardwood floors, traditional five-panel doors, heavy trim, as well as deep overhanging eaves, and knee braces on the exterior.

Seattle Craftsman Homes



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