February 19, 2013

Seattle: A City on the Move

Seattleites are on the move! For basically its entire history, Seattle has been a city that is constantly discussing transportation solutions.

In a single day, it would be feasible for you to take the Sounder train to Seattle, then promptly catch a bus to South Lake Union, where you take your seaplane to the peninsula and dock it. Then you walk to the ferry terminal, where you sail across The Sound back to downtown Seattle. Then you take your bicycle up to Capitol Hill using bike lanes, where you promptly catch a light rail train to Lake Union. Then you can grab a streetcar back to downtown, just in time for your monorail trip from Westlake Center.  Then you might find a rickshaw to take you to your car, where you drive back home.  Oh, and don’t forget your evening plans on the Duck Tour, an amphibious vehicle that’s the icing on this elaborate transit cake.

In an attempt to set the world record for transit variety, Seattle is now discussing building a gondola system to ease traffic. The proposed route would run between the light rail station on Capitol Hill to the Olympic Sculpture Park, serving South Lake Union, Seattle Center and Belltown. Some say it would be a threat to privacy, with many high rises being constructed in the South Lake Union area. Other critics mockingly say, “Sure, let’s add another transit form, how about a hang gliding station from West Seattle and a jet pack station from Ballard?” A novel idea that would certainly have some Seattleites reeling.

One unique quality of the average Seattleite on the move, is that more people here take their bikes than nearly any other city. Seattle ranks as the third highest major city in the U.S. where workers take their bikes to work. Despite the below average weather for the majority of the year, cyclists are truly committed to their transit form. The network of trail systems and bike lanes make it relatively easy for commuters to use their bikes to get around. Even though bikes, cars, and buses do have their squabbles over sharing the limited road space, cyclists are still not deterred. Seattle is committed to incentivizing bike commuting through expansion of trails, bike lanes and bike parking spaces throughout the city.  This May 17 is Seattle’s Bike To Work Day, you should think about learning the official bicycle hand signals and hopping on your bike to work. By then you may be able to take the gondola home.

Seattle’s transportation is a draw for many moving to this area. We can help you find your new home with convenient access to transit; visit us at www.bellevueseattlehomes.com

Seattle Bike to Work