March 20, 2013

Looking to Downsize?

Have your kids moved out? Are you newly retired? Maybe you just want something more affordable? There are many reasons why you might be looking to downsize your home. To see what’s out there, check out our search tool.

We also have gathered resources on how to deal with overwhelming amount of “stuff” that’s no longer wanted. Even if you’re not looking to downsize, but simply need to clean out your place, this list of resources is for you.

1. Recycling or Donating: Call the King County Solid Waste Division at 206-296-4466 for groups that take clothes and household items. Old electronics can be recycled at E-Cycle Washington.

2. Garbage: Dispose of garage that is non-hazardous at a transfer station. Call King County Solid Waste at 1-800-325-6165, ext 6-4466

3. Special Concerns:

a. Hazardous Products: Many caregivers and families have not dealt with the hazardous materials that stack up under sinks, in garages, or in sheds. Call the Households Hazards Line 206-296-4692 to find a disposal site near you. Elderly or disabled folks may qualify for curbside pick-up of hazardous products.

b. Unwanted medicines – Find drop-off locations to safely dispose of medicines by calling the Household Hazards Line 206-296-4692. These should not go in the regular garbage because they could eventually seep into groundwater.

c. Old chemicals – You may find banned chemicals such as DDT or hobby chemicals that may be dangerous to move. If you are uncertain about chemicals you come across, called the Households Hazards Line before moving them.

4. Call in a professional. As a part of our client service, Team Troy has compiled a list of preferred vendors. On this list are professional organizers that could help you get started: Check here for details.

To avoid the headache of DIY disposal, Team Troy is hosting our Third Annual Spring Dump Run on April 13.  We will take it all, and it will take the guess work out for you.

Washington Realty, Short Sale Specialist