March 4, 2013

It’s That Time of Year Again – Spring Cleaning!

The smell of spring is in the air! Do you know what that means? Spring Cleaning Time!

Spring Cleaning can seem overwhelming, but here are some awesome tips to get your home in tip-top shape.


Living Room

This high traffic area can become extra cluttered, with all sorts of stains from who-knows-what. To begin with this room, do a 15 minute clean up. Don’t worry about scrubbing or dusting until all of your misplaced items find their home again. Pick up some baskets or an ottoman that can double as a table to prevent this future madness. Once the room is tidy, it’s time to deep-clean.

Clean Your Carpet:

Did you know that walking around in bare feet leaves natural oils that attract dirt? Try to vacuum every day to prevent dirt from sticking and change your filters often. During this time of year, invest in a professional service to shampoo your carpets (or if you are feeling ambitious, even do it yourself!).

Caring for Hardwoods:

Mopping your floors can do wonders if you make this a weekly habit. For Spring Cleaning, think about refinishing your floors. Be sure to avoid doing this excessively though; use furniture protectors to avoid further scratches.

Updating Your Look:

Even a simple change such as reorganizing your bookshelves can give your home a new feel. After wiping down surfaces, sort your books by size and subject. Remove any tattered items and even purchase some new antiques to freshen the vibe.


Even if you are a world-class chef, your kitchen is bound to have bacteria hiding in all sorts of places. This area of your home is particularly important to scrub down as the whole family enjoys this room three or more times each day.

Cleaning your Counters:

Getting rid of stains can be tricky, but the key to cleaning your surfaces is to wipe first, and then disinfect. Sanitizing will only work if you first remove all of the small crumbs. For tough stains such as coffee or juice, you can use a little hydrogen peroxide in water plus a few drops of ammonia to get your counters looking new again.

Taking Care of Stainless Steel:

To keep your appliances sparkling, use a light mist of wax-based aerosol spray once or twice a week. Make sure not to overdo it – this can make the surface appear greasy. Never use anything abrasive such as sponges or Scotch-Brite pads, as this can leave scratches.



No one likes to clean these tiny rooms, but it must be done. So throw your rubber gloves on and lets get to work!

Tending to your Tiles:

A simple way to make your tile glow is to mix baking soda with water. This simple homemade cleaner can be applied with a string mop or even with a sponge. If you need something a little stronger, use a cleaner with a ‘neutral pH’ on the label to keep harmful chemicals out of your home.

Livening the Mood:

Try switching up your textiles for a fresh look this spring. Bring in some new towels with a contemporary color palate, or bring in some new handsoap. The little things make all the difference.


Bedrooms can be overlooked during Spring Cleaning, as these aren’t shared with the entire house. However, it’s especially important to keep your bedrooms feeling like a small piece of paradise.

Organizing Closets:

A clean closet often means a less cluttered room. Get rid of unused clothes and accessories, and put in new organizers to help keep your wardrobe in line. Sort your items by color and by function. Making your closet appealing and tidy, this can also quicken your daily routine.

Cleaning Walls:

This tip can be applied to the whole home. To clean your painted walls, use a clean cloth or a sponge with water. For especially dirty spots, try using a pea-sized amount of dish soap. Be careful if using all-purpose products such as Formula 409 or Fantastik, as they have strong solvents that can soften your painted surface. Rinse with plain water afterwards to prevent these chemicals from sticking around.


Voila! Your home is squeaky-clean, so you can savor that glass of lemonade while listening to birds sing and watching flowers bloom.

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