August 26, 2016

Independent Senior Housing – Time To Have Fun

As we all age and approach our retirements most of us look to change our living arrangements to reflect our senior status and our changing suite of needs and requirements. Once we stop working we start to look at how we intend to spend our retirement, particularly what activities and hobbies we intend to pursue. We also consider our living arrangements and often take the opportunity to downsize our suburban homes and relocate to more appropriate accommodation, whist still maintaining our independence.

There are literally tens of thousands of independent senior housing projects that we can move to, each offering the senior citizens alternative living arrangements, either as couples or as individuals. These facilities have been specifically designed with the resident’s needs in mind and often provide a range of services, including health and related support services.

Many of the independent senior housing facilities are designed to allow the residents to maintain their individualistic lifestyles whilst at the same time providing a level of security that they may not otherwise be able to enjoy in a typical home. These housing communities draw their residents based on the type of services offered, thus allowing the occupants the option of choosing whether or not he or she wants to participate in the services or programs offered by the facility.

Typically these housing communities revolve around specific activities or services such as swimming pools, gymnasiums or maybe bike and walking paths. Additionally they make offer facilities such as day spas, chapels, beauty salons, retail shops as well as libraries. There are many that incorporate a central dining room which allow residents the opportunity to have prepared meals as well as providing interaction with fellow lodgers. A number of housing communities offer in-house health services, or they may be affiliated with a health care provider that visits the site to provide assistance and related services such as counseling or physiotherapy to those residents in need.

Whilst it is typical that the residents purchase their own housing within the complex there are some facilities that offer long term rental plans. Along with the purchase of the housing there are regular monthly payments required to contribute towards the services offered by the facility as well as for the upkeep and maintenance of common property and facilities such as gardens and swimming pools. Often, if the resident requires daily health care or home assistance such as housework, meal preparation, personal care, shopping or transportation then these services are provided on a user pays basis.

The most positive aspect of an independent senior housing facility is that it provides senior citizens the opportunity to live independently and not have to rely on others for their welfare until it is actually required. As a senior citizen, the selection of the type of community housing that you want will ultimately depends on the lifestyle you intend to lead, together with the range of services you require in order to live comfortably as well as maintaining your health. Additionally, your financial situation has a large influence as to the affordability of which senior housing projects you are able to move to.

If you are approaching retirement age and feel that this style of living arrangement is what you are looking for then it is in your best interest to start researching the independent senior housing communities that are located near to you. Visit the facilities and ask them to provide full details of the costs involved so that you can determine which are best suited to your needs for now and in the future, as you age and require additional assistance from a health and ongoing care perspective.

For further details about independent senior housing , retirement homes, assisted living and senior care services visit Aged Care Resource .