August 12, 2016

How to tackle problems in housing?

Nowadays, the housing problem is still an urgent problem to solve in China. With the increasing of the population in China, many people complain that their houses are too small to live in, and there are still many poor families with six or seven family members live in one room. Therefore, the living conditions can’t meet their needs. Of course, the housing problems are caused by many reasons, such as the price of housing, the large population of China, and so on. Among all reasons, I think that our country has such large population which is a big reason for the housing problems. As everyone knows, China’s national GDP in the world is very high, but the per capita GDP is very low compared with other developed countries due to the large population.
There are many difficulties in solving housing problems. First, it’s impossible to put all the space into building houses. Second, there are still many poor families who can’t afford to a house in China. Third, the population of China increases year by year, and wit the improvement of our living standard, we need more room to relax ourselves in. Even though there are so many difficulties in solving housing problems, various solutions have been put forward. They are as follows:
First, some people say that the housing problems is closely related to population growth, so they think the most important and efficient way is to control the population of our country. If the population is not as large as nowadays, China will rank into a developed country; at that moment, everyone will not need to worry about the housing just like those living in developed countries with wonderful welfare.
Second, we can also build more high buildings to provide more living space. Under this circumstance, the government still needs to take efficient measures to control the price of housing to the poor families can afford one.
In addition, the government may provide bank loans to the residents who want to purchase dwellings of their own.
What’s more, the moving of urban residents to the suburbs may ease the housing problems in the inner city or help to reduce the price of housing.
All in all, these solutions may be just myopic opinion, and I believe there are still many solutions can solve the housing problems efficiently. But we still have a long way to go according to China’s national conditions.

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