August 15, 2016

Housing Assistance for Single Mothers: What Programs to Consider?

Being in charge of all the finances as a single mother can be really tough at times, so it is important to get help when you need it.

Aside from the daily meal that you have to think of, you also have to take into consideration the place where you and your kids must stay. There is such support programs designed to help out single moms meet their daily needs.

The following are various housing programs that you may make the most of:

1. Housing and Urban Development Program (HUD)

If you can qualify for a low income family or individual, you can avail of safe, clean and economical housing given by the federal government through the Department of Housing and Urban Development. There are income limits for families to qualify for the HUD and if you qualify, your rental costs will be reduced for apartments and public housing.

If you are looking to buy a home, the HUD sell homes, so check out the listings of HUD homes in your area.

If you need rental assistance, the HUD has affordable apartments for low-income families as well as the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8 Housing) where you find your own place and use the voucher to pay for all or part of the rent. The HUD also helps apartment owners offer reduced rents to low-income tenants.

2. CoAbode

It is a program aiming to help single mothers save their money for food and other things by not paying a huge amount of money on housing. CoAbode houses a single mother with others like her so they can save more money. It’s been an efficient method that answers the problem of many. CoAbode is run by a private organization.

3. The Housing and Community Facilities Programs (HCFP)

The HCFP has a broad function and it gives lots of advantages to people in the rural areas. It gives housing funding and loans, assistance for the elderly, provision of public facilities like libraries and home ownership choices to low earning families.

4. WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)

This program is responsible for keeping good nutrition among mothers and children who belong to impoverished families. Healthy foods and supplements are provided. The program also fights malnutrition among children. Pregnant mothers and new-born babies are assisted to ensure good nutrition.

5. Help for heating and cooling bills – Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is designed to help families with low income and small children pay for their energy bills. It was brought in to reduce the risk of health and safety issues if such bills are not paid.

Each state has its own application and qualifications, so be sure to check with your local office to see if you qualify. Many non-profit organizations also offer a variety of programs to help out single mothers. From your food to your housing, you are not out of help as the government sees your needs and is working to provide for all of them.