May 3, 2016

Heavy Petting

If you’re a pet person and you’re thinking about moving to the Seattle ‘burbs, you’re naturally concerned with how pets are regarded and what you can expect from your new neighbors and the local authorities. Well, here it is in a nutshell: You are now in Pet Heaven. Seriously. You could horse-whip your neighbor at high noon, in your driveway, and you’d get in trouble, sure, and a few people might get upset with you….depending on the neighbor and whether he deserved it or not. You do the same thing to a dog or a cat…and this entire state will shun you and actively root for jail time. And, no, that is not really, totally kidding. People in Western Washington reserve their worst venom and loathing for those who abuse animals and we do it for a very good reason: almost everybody here has a dog or cat (or fish or birds or ferrets or, in certain very colorful instances, a llama or tree sloth) and we love them to death. Calling Washington “pet friendly” is like calling the Sahara “a tad dry”.

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