May 18, 2013

Going Green with Solar Energy in Seattle

Seattle is renowned as the Green Hub of the Pacific Northwest, topping the charts as the most sustainable major city in America. However, with our numerous rainy days and often unpredictable weather, does Solar Energy work in Seattle?

It absolutely does! Seattle residents are installing solar energy equipment on their homes and businesses more and more each year. Don’t let the grey skies cloud your thoughts, solar equipment works even on overcast days. As a matter of fact, Seattle is a great location for solar because the panels operate at maximum efficiency in cooler climates. The Puget Sound region actually gets 10% more energy than Germany, the world’s most solar-powered country.

Washington State is lucky in regards to our comparatively inexpensive electric costs. Yet, installing a renewable energy system to your home that costs 1/3rd of your annual electric consumption will actually offset your entire yearly electric bill!

Installing Solar Energy Seattle

Solar energy can be used to light and heat your home. These panels convert sunlight to electricity, greatly reducing your electricity and natural gas usage. Seattle City Light informs us that if your system produces more energy than needed, it will actually spin your utility meter backwards which is called “net metering”. Solar panels are a fantastic way to not only save money, but contribute to the sustainable development of this wonderful city.

A Solar Energy System is right for You if you own a home, have a shade-free location to install the panels, and have a desire to make a long-term investment to lessen your environmental footprint. Are you searching for an Eco-Friendly Seattle Home? Use our Custom Property Search:



*Information Courtesy of Seattle City Light and Sunergy Systems.