December 6, 2012

Curb Appeal During the Holiday Season

With the holidays just around the corner, sellers with homes on the market may be wondering if their usual holiday decor will be a turn on or a turn off for potential buyers. Team Troy has compiled a list of holiday decoration dos and don’ts to keep your home looking its best through the season.

Do: Keep holidays lights minimal and stick with plain white.

Don’t: Use twinkle lights or colored lights. These can be distracting when home buyers are trying to see the attractive features of your home.

Do: Focus on the entryway. Lining the entrance with simple greenery or even ribbon can be a nice touch.

Don’t: Be too busy with your decor and be sure not to block windows or doors. You don’t want to give the impression that you are trying to hide something with your overwhelming decorations.

Do: Highlight some landscape features using lights or holly.

Don’t: Set up inflatable yard decorations. Just keep your Santa and all twelve reindeer tucked away in the garage this year.

Do: Line the walkway with lanterns or battery-operated candle votives. Not only is this striking, but it is functional for buyers who visit at night and need a path to your front door.

Don’t: Place lighting so that buyers and agents could trip on their way up.

Do: Put up a friendly and simple wreath. There a many DIY wreath ideas out this year that are both easy and attractive.

Don’t: Make wreaths too large, heavy, or colorful.

Do: Stick to holiday neutral themes like greenery, snowflakes, holly, and lighting.

Don’t: Use religious themes or cartoon characters – they are too personal and could be a turn off for a buyer.

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