May 25, 2013

Amazon Proposes Futuristic Campus Design

Amazon is coming to Seattle and just released Tuesday a new futuristic design for the anticipated campus. With all of the high-tech giants looking to own the latest and greatest workplaces for their employees, Amazon is making sure they are high in the ranks for the most sleek buildings.

Centered in Denny Triangle of Downtown Seattle, the expected plan shows numerous rectangular office  buildings around a series of three colossal orbs with exteriors made of glass. These biosphere domes are described as ‘visually reminiscent of a greenhouse or conservatory’. The open spaces inside will have enough room to host full grown trees and gardens, motivated by the idea of the nature-rich environment of the Pacific Northwest.

To compliment the serene environment, Amazon is featuring areas to work, dine, meet, and relax within and around these orbs. The design of the rest of the campus includes three towers, totaling 3.3 million square feet of office space.

Amazon 3

How will Seattle accommodate for the vast increases in traffic and residents for this expansion? The answers to these questions are still up in the air. Transportation projects are in the works – the Seattle Department of Transportation claims they are developing extensive plans to alleviate any congestion problems that may arise. From promoting alternative methods such as public buses  biking, and even walking bridges for close-by employees, the city is doing all it can to ensure sustainable growth.

As far as living goes, one thing is for sure – more residents and more home buyers will increase the housing demand and consequently increase the value of homes in the lower Denny Triangle neighborhood. Various apartment and condominium building projects are in the works to provide affordable and compact downtown Seattle living. The establishment of the new Downtown Seattle Amazon Campus can be seen as a positive for current residents, as they will see instant equity simply by living there.

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Information courtesy of King 5 News and the City of Seattle.