May 16, 2013

You Ask – We Answer. Why Use A Real Estate Agent?

Real estate can be a complicated process, and there are so many nuances to each individual market, each individual home sale, and each individual transaction. That is why we have launched our new “You Ask – We Answer ” series to answer any and all of your real estate frequently asked questions. Odds are if you have a real estate question, other people are wondering that same thing. Even if it’s something simple like you want to know how to find a real estate deal in Seattle, maybe you want know what a foreclosure is, or what escrow means or which Seattle neighborhoods have the best schools? We can help! Throw us your questions.

Team Troy can answer questions about Seattle short sales, foreclosures, Seattle HUD homes, REOs (Real Estate Owned), home financing, title and escrow, Seattle investment properties, real estate contracts, selling your Seattle home, buying a Seattle home, as well as answer questions about neighborhoods in Seattle and the Greater Puget Sound region. Try us and let us show you we know what we’re talking about!

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Question 1: Why do I even need a real estate agent to sell my home? What do you really do anyway?

There are many reasons why you would want to use a qualified real estate agent to sell your Seattle home. Since real estate agents are experts in the real estate market, they can give you accurate information regarding the pricing of your home. An agent will bring real estate comparables with recent sales in your area, and will assist you in any improvements you may need to make to your home to put it on the market. Most real estate agents, like Team Troy, have a list of preferred vendors, who we recommend to do anything from window washing to roof repair.

At Team Troy, we offer free home staging, free initial house cleaning, free landscaping and free use of our Team Troy moving truck. We also include free HDR photography and make sure your home has its own property website and virtual tour. A strategic pricing strategy for your home, as well as a prepared marketing plan are what sell homes. Using a real estate agent can get your home sold quickly and efficiently.

Real estate agents get increased exposure to your home. Not only does your home go active on all the real estate websites, including the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) but your agent has first hand knowledge of potential buyers and can direct them to your home.

Additionally, real estate agents can help negotiate on your behalf. Your agent will field offers from potential buyers for you and will take care of everyone’s favorite thing: paperwork. Your real estate agent knows what legal agreements are necessary for the transaction to move smoothly through closing, and can help explain these documents to you along the way.

Between the initial sales agreement and closing (or settlement), questions may arise. For example, unexpected repairs are required to obtain financing or a cloud in the title is discovered. The require paperwork alone is overwhelming for most sellers. Your real estate agent is the best person to objectively help you resolve these issues.

Many people have concerns about paying the commission for selling your home. By using an agent, your home will normally sell for a higher price, which makes up part of that commission price. Additionally, some real estate agents like Team Troy, offer a flexible commission structure. In a typical deal, the seller pays a 6% commission, 3% goes to the seller’s agent and 3% goes to the buyer’s agent. At Team Troy, we have several commission options, depending on how much you want us to do. To find out more about this commission structure, check out: 

Most people will say that they never regretted using a real estate agent to sell their home because it took so much work off their shoulders. For more information on how to sell your Seattle home, visit here.