February 14, 2013

How Your Housing Situation May Impact Your Love Life

In the name of Valentine’s Day, we have dedicated today’s blog to how your housing situation impacts your love life. As it turns out, where you live does affect who you date and people’s impression of you.

According to a recent Trulia poll, 36% of women said that they have a preference for dating men who are homeowners. Being a homeowners not only shows a certain level of financial stability, but also is a sign of commitment and responsibility. For the most part, adults said that owning a home is not necessarily a deal breaker for their potential mate, but is a nice quality to see in a partner. This is particularly true for young people, who are more likely to equate homeownership with stability and commitment.

Whether you rent or own your home, one thing that will turn off a potential partner is a roommate. The majority of adults say they would rather date someone who lives alone. Interestingly enough, men would also prefer a partner that lives in a big city and women would prefer a partner that lives in a house in the suburbs.

The kiss of death at the beginning of any relationship is the revelation that you live at home with your parents. Only 5% of unmarried adults would be open to dating someone who lived with their parents. If you are looking for a healthy dating life, consider getting a place to call your own.

Nearly 75% of unmarried adults said they would be willing to consider living with the significant other in order to save money. Somewhat surprisingly, more men than women said they would be very willing to make the commitment of cohabitation. If the goal is to save money, perhaps purchasing a home would be an even more financially responsible move. Might as well pay down a mortgage instead of throwing rent out the window every month.

Can you fall in love with a master bathroom? Apparently the love that exists between a person and their home amenities can run pretty deep. The survey also asked, “if you were in the market for you first home today, what home amenities would make you fall in love with a home?” The results showed that men and women mostly want the same things. A luxurious master bathroom was the top amenity for both men and women, followed by a walk-in closet, gourmet kitchen and outdoor deck. Unsurprisingly, the numbers differed for an entertainment center/home theatre, with 42% of men infatuated with this feature and only 28% of women. What is your top criteria? You can do a search here to see homes that have what you are looking for. Who knows, you might even get a few more dates if you took the plunge and bought a home. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!



*excerpted from Time Magazine