June 20, 2016

Housing for the Workforce

The concept of the workforce housing means affordable housing for the work force that lives in that area. This type of housing can be in the form of permanent ownership housing units or temporary housing in the form of rental housing. The principle is quite simple. The housing facilities are provided at the price or rate which is affordable to the workforce living in that particular community. It is often in direct relation to the incomes of the workforce living in the area. If the property rate is high in an area where the income of the workforce is much lower it does not work as the building company will not be able to sell houses and the workforce in the area will not be able to afford them.


The work force means people working in different industries and occupations in the area. This includes blue collar workforce as well as white collar workforce. The workforce of a particular region can typically include the factory workers, the police force, teachers, nurses, medical workers, firemen, shop keepers, people working in private companies, government employees and people working in other fields in the community. The property rates in the area are often related to the economic prosperity of the workforce of the region. Sometimes there are some jobs where the workforce is working in the area only for a short period of time say a few weeks or months.

Work Force Housing

Work Force housing depends on the type of workforce that needs housing facilities. The price range of housing directly depends on the prosperity of the workforce in the community and the demand for housing. Another important factor is location of the housing project and its proximity to the workplace of the worker for whom the housing units are built.

The proximity to the workplace and proper transportation infrastructure from the housing facility to the workplace plays an important role in the demand for the housing. The demand can be both for rental properties as well as for outright ownership of properties. Workforces with temporary jobs or jobs that get transferred to other locations in short period of time prefer rental properties. Also the rates depend on the quality of housing that is provided. Good quality homes fetch more than poor quality housing units.

In this way we can see that the housing is directly related to the workforce living in the particular community or area.

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