August 24, 2016

Housing Benefit Cuts and the Hunt for New Opportunities

The student housing investment UK is certain to be positively affected due to the recent announcement of the austerity package which indicates government spending cuts of £25bn a year. Chancellor Osborne has given a clear warning that the younger low-income groups who avail their Housing Benefit will be first-in-line to be taken off this assistance. But irrespective of this newly declared package, many landlords are already kicking out these tenants who intensely rely on the benefit for accommodation.

Fergus and Judith Wilson are currently UK’s most criticized property landlords because recent reports suggest that they are evicting all Housing Benefit residents from their homes. They have already given eviction notices to 200 tenants and more are to be expected in the coming days. They justify their actions by stating that Housing Benefit tenants don’t pay their rents and they should go and get a job like everyone else. And the Wilson’s are not the only ones, but many other landlords have been evicting these tenants for months now.

These evictions are not likely to affect the government’s new implementation of budget cuts in Housing Benefit either. The Wilsons’ behavior against the Housing Benefit tenants may seem like heartless discrimination to most people but in truth the Wilsons’ properties are some of the most vastly maintained and reasonably livable estate homes in the Private Rented Sector.

So now the students evicted from these homes must now either rely on the lower-end of the PRS – which includes poorly maintained, multi-occupied and clammy homes – or either they should rely on residing in the accommodations maintained by the student housing investment UK.

There are also many supporters of Osborne axing down the Housing Benefit program; because this program costs around £17bn a year of the taxpayers money, which is four times more than what they disburse on jobseeker’s allowance.

So now the critics of this these cuts must come up with alternative opportunities for these low-income groups. The student housing investment UK is a good start for accommodating students as they provide great living conditions to them on affordable prices and also student property is among the most successful and booming real estate investment opportunity in the UK after these Housing Benefit cuts. But regardless of real estate investments, a considerable rise in the minimum wages of the low income groups will go a long way in improving their living standards and also help in controlling the Housing Benefit costs and tax credit. UK’s government must realize that an increase in minimum wages will result in lower encumbrance on the welfare state.

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